Saturday, June 4, 2011

Behold! My Newest Ally!!

The amazingly tolerant group of tolerance-minded tolerants are fed up with the ancient and respectable practice of circumcision. In drumming up support among their fellow enlightened-types in the San Fran area, they have published probably the most anti-Semetic comic since the Nazi regime dabbled in kid-friendly propaganda.

The blog Elder of Ziyon has this jaw-dropping series of pictures from the offending publication, complete with overt Jew-hating references and a jerkface Aryan superwiener (literally) of a hero.

This is what happens when you start taking something personal and psychological like sexual gratification and raise it to the level of human right -- something granted by God and protected by the constitution. Everything now tediously revolves around man's lower organ (you know, the organ that only men have). Instead of the tried and true pan-gender organ located behind the eyes.

Well, most eyes. I think the creators of this comic are the rare exception.

In the end, you have to understand where I am coming from in writing this blog from the standpoint of the arch-nemesis of this world. Things right now are so utterly lame, we have no option but to accept our roles in society as the villains. I mean, look at the choices we are faced with. We can be on the side of "good" and stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes like Foreskinman.

Stand with him? Not in a million years. Not even if he swears to Satan he is freshly showered.

I do not trust his "showers".

No. I choose to be with this badass:

Seriously folks, who would you choose? Look at him! The sinister hat. The tall teeth (note to self: ask about his dental plan). The perfectly coiffed beard and stripey scarf. And to top it all off, menacing minions in dapper black suits! How could deny the cool-factor?

So I am proud to announce my newest ally: Monster Mohel!

He wants babies. We will give him babies!

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