Friday, June 3, 2011

Witness the Dawn of a New Generation!

It begins. I woke to find myself in strange world. A world where everyone thinks the same while self congratulating each other over their tolerance of diversity. A world where the weakest and most innocent are killed for being an inconvenience but bringing up God in mixed company is an unforgivable crime. A world of accomplished losers, finger-wagging drug addicts, environmental puritans, men who behave like babies and children who con grown adults into being "friends" on a first-name basis. It is wrong, all wrong and I stand so strongly against every fundamental so-called virtue that I have realized: I am the force of darkness that works against its brightest "lights". I am the supervillian diametrically opposed to everything this myopic and self-serving zeitgeist stands for. And I am he who walks with an army of dead and kneels at the altar of the slain God with the blood-soaked beard. I am:

MALICE To speak out against the oppressive virtue of "tolerance"!

CHAOS To disturb the "planned" families and "planned" societies! And

DECAY To remind that the natural world is always dying!

And it is towards that dark abyss of nothingness we are all ultimately drawn...

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