Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sorry, kids


 我跟汽車人有衝突多次。他們是恨強的、恨勇氣的。我不知道工廠黨還有這樣偉大的能力能。到現在我以為工廠黨之有財政的能力。English below.
Autobots and Decepticons Held Hostage by the Central Party

We all know the phrase "no presents before Christmas" but in China it seems they should be saying "no Tansformers before propaganda".

The CCP wants the people to enjoy watching "The Founding of a Party" but there is a good chance no one will want to fork out their yuan for Communist sermonizing so they came up with a new rule: Unless "The Founding of a Party" (or as the kids are saying these days: "TFOAP") garners 800 mil yuan (roughly 120 mil USD), then no good blockbuster movies will play.

I have gone against the Autobots many times. They are both strong and courageous and I had no idea the Central Party still had this kind of power. Until now, I thought all their true power lay in their finances.


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